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$ 2,800,000

969 Spinnakers Reach Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Condominium Windemere I

Apartment size: 2,715 square feet

Buyer: The Kortlander Family Revocable Trust

Vendors: William B. and Nancy R. Thompson

Previous Sale: $ 490,000 in 1995

About the property: Oceanfront penthouse has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a half bath, office, balconies, two parking spaces and two wood fireplaces.


$ 2.7 million

5012 Atlantic View, St. Augustine

Type: single family home

Lot size: 0.18 hectares

House size: 3,436 square feet

Buyers: Carol and Richard Rubio

Sellers: Robert M. and Carole S. Lindes


$ 2,000,000

1332 Ponte Vedra Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: single family home

Lot size: 1.86 hectares

House size: 3,585 square feet

Buyers: Kevin and Rachel Kachigian

Seller: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Inc.

Previous Sale: $ 2,175,000 in 2021


$ 1,811,500

2358 Riverside Ave., No. 1202, Jacksonville

Type: VillaRiva Condominium

Apartment size: 2,935 square feet

Buyers: Pamela S. and Mark T. Kinevan

Sellers: Laura S. Howell, James A. Heinz, and the Carol R. Shircliff Revocable Trust

Previous Sale: $ 1,095,000 in 2005


$ 1,750,000

4342 Coast Road, St. Augustine

Type: single family home

Lot size: 0.35 hectares

House size: 1,539 square feet

Buyers: George K. and Rosemary J. Verghese

Seller: 4342 Coastal Highway LLC

Previous Sale: $ 505,000 in 2017


$ 1,350,000

5025 Atlantic View, St. Augustine

Type: single family home

Lot size: 0.17 hectares

House size: 2,096 square meters

Buyer: Stice Farming & Properties LLC

Sellers: Richard D. and Jennifer Walter

Previous Sale: $ 960,000 in 2018


$ 1,119,116

5200 Greenland Strait, Jacksonville

Type: single family home

Lot size: 4.79 hectares

House size: 4,298 square meters

Buyer: 5200 Greenland LLC

Vendors: Frank Chapman, the Franklin D. Chapman Revocable Living Trust, and the Marjorie M. Chapman Revocable Living Trust


$ 1,100,000

102 Honey Blossom Street, Saint Johns

Type: single family home

Lot size: 0.26 hectares

House size: 4,405 square feet

Buyers: Sagar A. and Priyanka Vijapura

Sellers: Geoffrey D. and Linda M. Moebius

Previous Sale: $ 718,400 in 2019


$ 1,100,000

9624 Deer Run Drive, No. 61-B, Ponte Vedra Beach

Type: Deer Run Villas Condominium

Apartment size: 2,737 square feet

Buyer: Kathleen L. McNamara Living Trust

Seller: Jay T. Ludescher

Previous Sale: $ 650,000 in 2017


$ 1,096,000

16050 Shark Road W., Jacksonville

Type: single family home

Lot size: 1.47 hectares

House size: 3,941 square feet

Buyers: Melinda L. Tully and Richard J. Blood

Seller: Cathleen R. Beardsley

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