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(WSVN) – A bystander tired of smelling an overwhelming stench reached out to 7Investigates about a dangerous health hazard just outside her apartment complex. Kevin Ozebek from the night team has the special operations report from tonight: Something stinks.

Imagine stepping out your front door and seeing a steady stream of bug-attracting, foul-smelling sewage with lumps of toilet paper and solid human waste.

Kevin Ozebek: “Describe the smell out here.”

Michele Davis, Resident: “The smell is awful. It is ridiculous.”

Michele Davis and others who live in the Lake Shore Presidential Apartments in northwest Miami-Dade said they had enough.

Ruby Murray, Resident: “It needs to be cleaned up. They have to fix it because we’re paying a lot of money to stay here. “

Local residents say sewage collection in this parking lot has been a recurring problem for years, and the county’s records confirm it.

We identified this 2018 Code violation. Because of an interrupted sewer pipe that leads from the building to the parking lot, it is said: “The sewage overflows and the smell is unbearable.”

Kevin Ozebek: “It’s really hot out here.”

Woman who does not want to be identified: “Yes.”

Kevin Ozebek: “I can imagine that that doesn’t help with the stench.”

Woman: “It doesn’t help at all and I’m trying to find out when they come out and let someone clean up because it’s unsanitary.”

This tenant, who does not want to be identified, said she complained but nothing happened.

Woman: “We went to the caretaker personally. We did everything. “

After looking at the sewage ourselves, we called the Miami-Dade Environmental Resource Management department to see if there were any complaints to their office. None were.

But right after we called, they dispatched an inspector.

He then submitted this report saying he saw “fecal matter and toilet paper” and “raw sewage pooled in the parking lot”.

Michele Davis: “This is ridiculous for our children. We shouldn’t have to stay like this. “

But check out the Lake Shore Presidential Apartments now! The county gave 24 hours to correct the violation and the sewage was cleaned.

We even discovered the source of the leak that is being repaired.

Michele Davis: “You’re doing the job now.”

But we still wanted to know why the sewage wasn’t cleaned earlier, so we went to the on-site manager’s office.

Kevin Ozebek: “Is the property manager here?”

Out of luck, so we went to the offices of Kevin Faith, the registered agent of the company that owns the apartment complex.

Kevin Ozebek: “We are looking for a partner for the company.”

Again no luck.

But right after we left, his office, the faith group, sent us an email saying, “We spoke to management and they advised us and this matter has been corrected.”

Next up, we called Strategic Properties the company that manages the Lake Shore Presidential Apartments.

Their customer service manager told us he couldn’t find any complaints about the sewage in his computer system but promised that the problem would be fixed.

Ademir Perea, Customer Service Director Strategic Properties: “Some of our tenants threw various items down the toilet, so the situation has gotten worse, so we unplug it. This whole situation should normalize again. “

Kevin Ozebek: “This is exactly what the residents have been waiting for.”

Michele Davis: “It’s perfect. It’s much better.”

If the sewage and stench ever return, the 7Investigates team will ask for answers too.

If you have an environmental hazard in your complex or your neighborhood, you can report this directly to the district …

The public can contact us 24/7 via email: [email protected]
Phone: 305-372-6955
Or online: feedback.Miamidade.Gov/jfe/form/sv_233o9nkjbgzxp6K.

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