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Real estate developers want offices to feel more like home – in the truest sense of the word. In 2020 and 2021, 41% of apartment conversions or the conversion of an existing non-residential building into apartments were made from old office space, according to a report by the apartment search website RentCafe.

That is around 13,250 new rental units that were built from ex-offices in the last two years. It is a form of adaptive reuse or repurposing an existing building for something new.

The numbers represent a trend that has spanned the past decade, says Tracy Hadden Loh, a Brookings Metro scholar who researches commercial real estate. Companies have been allocating fewer square feet per employee for years, she tells CNBC Make It, as workplaces swap private offices for open floor plans. While employers consolidate their offices, builders vie for new tenants – sometimes that also means vying for tenants.

The trend could accelerate as remote working moves into the post-pandemic world, companies need to shrink their physical footprint even further, and real estate developers figure out how to transform their spaces into something people want to inhabit.

Nearly two years after the pandemic, office vacancy rates remain high in many major U.S. cities, and nearly a third of executives believe they will need less overall office space over the next three years due to remote working, according to a PwC survey .

Former office space is expected to make up a quarter of the converted apartments as early as 2022 and around 12,300 rental units will come onto the market.

Office buildings offer another decisive advantage that makes them attractive for an apartment renovation: their location.

Cities with large office markets tend to have fewer apartments nearby, explains Loh; Business districts are now centrally located and easily accessible in terms of design, which makes them lucrative real estate. Developers could have a high incentive to convert expensive and unused office space into expensive and sought-after housing.

In total, a record 20,100 home conversions are expected this year, a total of 32,000 converted units since the beginning of 2020, according to the RentCafe report and based on data from sister company Yardi Matrix, a commercial property research company.

The practice of converting commercial space into rental apartments has skyrocketed over the past decade, according to RentCafe, with only 5,300 apartments being converted in 2010. Hotels and factories were the top conversion spaces in the 2010s, although office remodeling could be the next big trend in terms of customization and reuse well into the 2020s.

Compared to demolition and rebuilding, adaptive reuse can have a lower environmental impact, cost less money, take less time, and address a range of housing affordability issues in some of the most congested and expensive cities in the United States

So far, Philadelphia and Washington, DC have converted most of the new housing units from old buildings in 2020 and 2021, while Los Angeles and Cleveland have the most projects as of 2022.


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Video shows an off-duty police officer shooting a burglar in an apartment in Albany Park https://bangkokapartments.info/video-shows-an-off-duty-police-officer-shooting-a-burglar-in-an-apartment-in-albany-park/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 01:51:46 +0000 https://bangkokapartments.info/video-shows-an-off-duty-police-officer-shooting-a-burglar-in-an-apartment-in-albany-park/

The Chicago Police Inspectorate released a video showing an off duty officer shooting a man trying to break into his home in Albany Park.

Videos released Monday by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability show a man entering the apartment building at Block 3100 of West Belle Plaine at around 12:30 p.m. on March 31 and lingering in the vestibule before approaching the officer’s front door.

The man, who was later identified by the police as Jose Mendoza, 32, is said to have fiddled with the doorknob. After hearing the noise, the officer threw open the door, peered outside, and saw Mendoza allegedly crouching nearby.

He told Mendoza to go but refused and tried to enter the house, assistant prosecutor James Murphy said at a later trial for Mendoza. The officer fired his weapon once and hit Mendoza in the cheek.

Jose Mendoza was shot dead by an off duty police officer after attempting to break into his home in Albany Park on March 31, 2021.
Civil Police Accountability Office

He was taken to the Illinois Masonic Medical Center where he was stabilized, Chicago police said.

Mendoza – which has multiple arrest warrants and a pending DUI case in Rolling Meadows – is charged with burglary, trespassing, and trespassing.

COPA said its investigations into the officer’s actions are ongoing.

105-unit housing proposal for Esquimalts West Bay survives public hearing – Vancouver Island Free Daily https://bangkokapartments.info/105-unit-housing-proposal-for-esquimalts-west-bay-survives-public-hearing-vancouver-island-free-daily/ Sun, 21 Nov 2021 13:30:00 +0000 https://bangkokapartments.info/105-unit-housing-proposal-for-esquimalts-west-bay-survives-public-hearing-vancouver-island-free-daily/

A proposal for a six-story, 105-unit home in Esquimalt’s West Bay neighborhood made most councilors weigh the pros and cons before finally moving on.

After a public hearing on November 15th, the Council carried through Wexford Developments’ proposal to rezoning three properties in West Bay Terrace and two Dunsmuir Roads in third reading.

In response to feedback, the developer previously reduced the number of units from 125 to 105 and switched from a five-story structure to a thinner six-story structure that set the top two floors back. The thinner design would make it possible to keep more trees on the site, add landscaping, and improve the street scene on the site with features like a new sidewalk.

Residents, many in the West Bay area, were primarily concerned about the height of the building and its effects on sunlight. Some were disappointed not to see a shadow effects study.

Esquimalt employees were concerned that the application did not include affordable housing units. Speaking at Monday’s meeting, Wexford’s Laura Fader said staff had failed to apply for affordable housing after about a year of correspondence. The developer advised the city council that, especially after reducing the original number of units, the inclusion of affordable sites would essentially affect the feasibility of the project.

Local residents also expressed concerns about how the apartment would affect the parking spaces in the area. The five existing properties currently house 20 units, according to Esquimalt staff. The proposal envisages a parking garage with 87 electrified stands, seven of which are reserved for visitors.

Wexford boasted that his project is focused on promoting and improving active and public transport and said this will help reduce vehicle consumption. The development includes a free year of Modo Car Share and an annual bus pass for residents, an internal bike sharing program and around 130 bicycle parking spaces. The developer will also give residents of the building up to $ 500 for an electric bike or up to $ 250 for a regular bike.

Even councilors who were in favor of moving the project forward – as suggested – admitted that they were kind of divided, but said there were enough professionals to influence their decision.

Mayor Barb Desjardins said the project, which uses the area’s active and public transportation, would help alleviate some of the parking problems and align with the city’s goals.

“If we want to influence climate change, we have to continue promoting this type of transport, and this is a good location for it,” said the mayor.

“By offering alternatives, we can try to encourage people to change their habits.”

It is not yet known when the municipal council will consider the requirements for the reallocation.

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Development Esquimalt

San Angelo Plaza Square residential units destroyed in morning fire https://bangkokapartments.info/san-angelo-plaza-square-residential-units-destroyed-in-morning-fire/ Fri, 19 Nov 2021 18:31:54 +0000 https://bangkokapartments.info/san-angelo-plaza-square-residential-units-destroyed-in-morning-fire/

SAN ANGELO – The San Angelo Fire Marshal’s office is investigating after a building fire burned parts of an apartment complex in College Hills Thursday morning and displaced nearly a dozen residents a week before Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, November 19, 2021, around 4 a.m., five fire engines and an emergency service arrived at the Plaza Square Apartments, 4001 Sul Ross St., and found a residential building in flames.

“Four residential units in one building were damaged or destroyed,” said Ross Coleman, San Angelo Fire Prevention Administrator and Fire Code Official, in a message to the Standard-Times.

“As a result, the entire building was closed, affecting all eight units within the building. We learned from housing management that eight people were evicted and relocated,” said Coleman.

The Celebration Church opened its doors Thursday and allowed members of the local Red Cross to use the church’s facilities to help victims and provide relief services, Coleman said.

“No injuries have been reported and the case is still being investigated by the San Angelo Fire Marshal’s office,” said Coleman.