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Telephone communications are reasonably efficient and, within the kingdom, extremely cheap.

To call abroad direct from a private phone dial 001 for the international line. Note that as in many countries in Asia the international line is 001, not 00. For operator assisted calls dial 13, or 100 for English language assistance. Collect calls can be made at any of the government post offices around Bangkok.

Many companies and other organisations have more than one line, and it seems that the system has not yet mastered the art of having multiple lines with one number. You will therefore frequently encounter the annoying habit of listing several telephone numbers for a single subscriber, or showing the range of numbers with a hyphen (-). If you see a number such as 123-4567-9, it means that you can call 123-4567 or 123-4568 or 123-4569.

All Bangkok numbers begin 02. Mobile numbers begin 01 or 09.

Useful Numbers

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