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Money and Currency in Thailand

The basic unit of Thai currency is the baht (THB, Bt or B), divided into 100 satang. Most foreign currencies and traveller's cheques are easily changed at banks, hotels or moneychangers. All major credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs (automatic teller machines or cash machines) are everywhere and accept virtually all cards. There is no currency black market. Many establishments accept traveller cheques but not personal cheques.

Note: one finger represents ten baht, not one baht! If a shopkeeper puts up seven fingers, the price is B70.


Note Colour
10 baht khaki
20 baht green
50 baht blue
100 baht red
500 baht purple
1000 baht gray

Warning! Be especially careful when accepting B500 notes. There are quite a few high quality fakes in circulation, easily produced with modern office printers. Check for metallic strip and watermark.


Coin Colour
25 satang bronze
50 satang bronze
1 baht silver
5 baht silver
10 baht silver

Approximate exchange rates

1 GBP (£) 50 THB
1 EUR (€) 40 THB
1 USD ($) 30 THB
3 JPY (¥) 1 THB
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