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Media for Bangkok

Newspapers & Magazines

You can find a selection of many of the world's English-language newspapers and magazine in good hotels and larger bookshops. The two most well known and respected Thai papers in English are:

Bangkok Post: daily newspaper available everywhere, carrying local and international news. You can also connect to the Bangkok Post website.

The Nation: another excellent daily newspaper with local and international news, available pretty well everywhere. Also online at The Nation website.


Most hotels and apartments and many guest houses provide cable and satellite TV services on which you can tune to English-language channels with a wide choice of news, movies, sports, cartoons and documentaries. Widely available channels are:



There are various English-language bookshops around Bangkok. The best known is Asia Books, a chain of shops that you can find on many major streets and in large shopping centres. Kinokuniya (in the World Trade Center and Emporium) also has a good selection of English-language books.

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