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Learn Thai in Bangkok

Thai is not the world's easiest language to learn, unless you are Thai. It is a tonal language belonging to the group of Ka-Tai languages. The five tones are monotone, low, falling, high and rising. This means that the same word spoken with different tones can have different meanings. The snag is that it's extremely difficult for speakers of non-tonal languages to hear the difference in tone. Add to that the fact that Thai uses its own, unique alphabet and you have the recipe for a tricky language. However, Thai is a charming language, and certainly not impossible to acquire. You can pick up very basic words and phrases quite quickly, and that's worth doing since Thai people appreciate foreigners speaking their language. In fact, it's almost a necessity in some places as English is not always understood.

Khun Nui

Private Thai lessons in Sukhumvit and Ratchadamri areas. Only 250 baht/hr. 2,500 baht for 10 hours, including worksheets. Discounts for 20 or 30 hours.

Telephone:  084-877-6200
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