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Internet & Computers

Internet is pretty well established in Thailand and it's not difficult to get yourself hooked-up one way or another in Bangkok.


You can find cybercafes literally all over Bangkok and there are too many to list here. Simply walk in. You will be shown a computer immediately (provided school hasn't just finished and the place is overrun with kids). Prices are very low.


You can find temporary connection kits on CD practically everywhere. These allow you to set up your own connection on your own computer in an apartment or even in a hotel room. (If you don't have a direct line, you will need to configure the dial-up number to by-pass the switchboard, but it's usually possible. In most places a 9 [or whatever digit you dial to get an outside line] and one or two commas [to create a brief pause] in front of the ISP's number will do it.) Of course, you don't have to use a temporary connection kit. If you prefer, you can get a permanent account with one of the better know ISPs:

Pantip Plaza

The closest thing to Heaven for anyone remotely interested in computers must be Pantip Plaza, a chaotically wonderful computer shopping centre: five-stories and hundreds of shops of computer hardware and software all under one roof, with unbeatable prices for software. Pantip Plaza is on Petchburi Road, diagonally opposite the Amari Watergate Hotel.

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