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Health and Health Care

Anyone visiting Bangkok, as any city away from home, is probably well advised to have personal health insurance. Having said that, except in the event of serious illness or accident, health is not usually a problem. Scares of malaria are unfounded since malaria is today unknown in Bangkok itself. Pharmacies, clinics and hospitals abound and access to good medical assistance is a relatively easy affair.

Note: drink only bottled or boild water. Fortunately bottled water is plentiful and cheap.


Pharmacies or chemists are marked with a large green cross and can easily be found on every street. A very wide selection of medecines can be bought over-the-counter at relatively low cost, including many of those that in Europe or the USA might be prescription only. Many pharmacists will give you advice for minor ailments without the need to go to a doctor.


In case of illness or general health problems, you can simply go to a clinic (doctor's surgery). You can find clinics in most areas quite easily. Although they don't have a special sign, they usually look like a small shop with a white interior and a simple counter in front of shelves with a few medecines (not to be confused with a pharmacy, which has a large green cross and many more medecines). There will probably be a woman or man dressed in white at the counter. The word for clinic in Thai is ran maw (maw means doctor), but Thais also say clin ik. To ask where a clinic is, you can say:

You could also go to a pharmacy and ask where the closest clinic is.

A basic consultation at a clinic should cost about B200-300, but an injection or other treatment would be extra of course.


Thailand's leading hospitals - both private and public - are world class, with many people flying to Thailand for major surgery at affordable prices. If cost is an issue, go to Chulalongkorn University Hospital, Rama IV Road (Tel: 02 252 8181), a public hospital with some of the best doctors in Bangkok. If you need to get to hospital quickly, jump in a taxi and tell the driver:

(That's row as in rowing with your spouse, not rowing a boat.)

Here's a selection of public and then private hospitals:

Bangkok General Hospital¤
2 Soi Soonvijai 7
New Petchburi Road
Bangkok 10320
Tel: 02 310 3101
Fax: 02 310 3367

Central General Hospital
362/114 Pahonyothin Road
Bang Khen
Tel: 02 552 8777
Fax: 02 552 0666

Lad Prao Hospital
2699 Lad Prao Road
Tel: 02 530 2244
Fax: 02 935 0021

Mongkutwattana General Hospital
34/40 Chaeng Wattana Road.
Tel: 02 574 1000
Fax: 02 574 4856

Rajavithi General Hospital
Rajavithi Road
Tel: 02 281 1246
Fax: 02 246 8270

Thonburi Hospital
34/1 Soi Saeng Suksa (Soi 44)
Issarapharp Road
Tel: 02 412 0020
Fax: 02 412 7343

Private Hospitals

Bumrungrad Hospital¤
33 Sukhumvit Soi 3 Wattana
Tel: 02 667 1000
Fax: 02 667 2525

Bangkok Christian Hospital
124 Silom Road
Tel: 02 264 0560
Fax: 02 236 2911

Bangkok Nursing Home
9 Convent Road. Sathorn Nua (North) Road.
Tel: 02 632 0560
Fax: 02 632 0577

Phayathai Hospital 1
364/1 Si Ayutthaya Road
Tel: 02 245 2620
Fax: 02 245 5488

Ramkhamhaeng Hospital
2138 Soi 34, Ramkhamhaeng Road
Tel: 02 374 0200
Fax: 02 732 3977

Saint Louis Hospital
215 Sathorn Tai Road
Tel: 02 675 5000
Fax: 02 675 5200

Dental Hospital
88/88 Soi 49, Sukhumvit Road
Tel: 02 260 5000
Fax: 02 260 5026

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